Fontana Workshop (Florentine), "Anatomical Venus," 1780-1785. (Hungarian National Museum)

Fontana Workshop (Florentine), "Anatomical Venus," 1780-1785. (Hungarian National Museum)

I write fiction and nonfiction, and my work has been featured in Narrative Magazine,  Mythos, and Constellation Magazine, among other places. I view writing as a way to cleanse and parse myself and the world around me. Much of my writing explores women’s bodies, the myths and fundamental rituals of consumption that exist around them, and the grotesque eating behaviors and OCD-type addictions and impulses that many women engage in in private. My work also explores the simultaneous innocence and sophistication of children—in particular, the ways in which trauma and mental illness impact the very young, and the destructive behaviors that often result—and the power dynamics within mixed-race families. I am currently at work on my first collection of short stories and a multimedia project about my relationship with my body. 

Previously, I worked at an NYC-based technology think tank called The Research Board, where I co-wrote four, ~100-page, interview-driven reports on topics including artificial intelligence and machine learning, big data, organizational structure, and cloud computing for senior executives from 160+ G500 companies including the FBI, Coca-Cola, Toyota, BlackRock, Monsanto, Nike, and Walmart. 


“It’s All For You” (Triangle House Review, September 2018)

Interview with Lillian Li (Mythos, October 2018)

Franchelle Lucas profile (Constellation, June 2018)

On female pain, the body, and the internet (Mythos, March 2018)

"The Morro" (Narrative Magazine, Feb 2017) (included in 30 Under 30 and 2017's Top 5 Stories of the Week)

The Research Board:

  • Whole and Part: Balancing Organizational Alignment and Autonomy in the Enterprise (February 2017)

    • Explores how enterprises are changing how they operate to emphasize innovation and to better manage uncertainty amidst technological progress and evolving business models.

  • Multiplexity: Competition and Alliances in the Era of Internet Superpowers (May 2016)

    • Discusses how members interact with firms like Amazon, Google, and Alibaba, whose scale in users and data make them key suppliers, customers, partners, and also potential competitors.

  • Hubbell's Plug: Enabling the Enterprise for the Platform Economy (April 2016)

    • Examines how large enterprises must balance between partnering and competing with modern platforms as modern platform economics redefine the way in which enterprises deliver critical products and services.

  • Tidal Power: Finance's Role in Harnessing the Rising Tide of Data for Competitive Advantage (January 2016)

    • Examines how IT finance can encourage wise investments that promote the use of data as a foundational input into products and services.

Print features, The Beijinger: